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Sleeve-R 600 Dual Head Application Machine

The Sleeve-R 600 Dual Head is a new application machine sold by Ryback & Ryback. To get more information including pricing, click the quote button below and someone from R&R will be in touch.


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Sleeve-R 600 Dual Application Machine Parameters:

Model Sleeve-R 600
Machine Size 3000(L)×1000(W)×2100(H)mm
Main Body Material SUS 304,SUS 316
Product Application bottles, jars, cans, cups, bowls, caps, cylinders, etc
Labeling Position Partial/Full Length/Top & Bottom Wrapped,etc.
Shape Application round, square, oval, conical, flat, cylinder, triangle, etc
Label Diameter Cutting Φ20-Φ250mm
Label Length Cutting Max 350mm
Label Material PVC, PETG, OPS, PE, POF, PLA
Thickness of Label 0.025mm ~ 0.13mm
Sleeve shrink speed Max 700 BPM
Voltage AC 3P 220 ,50HZ


Sleeve-R-600 Product Brochure

View or download the product brochure at: (Coming Soon)