NST-SEAM-R Non-Stop Sleeve Seaming Machine


  • Stable and heavy-duty frame for high-speed operation of 500m/min.
  • Adjustable forming plate creates efficient operation.
  • Auto solvent feeding control.
  • Auto tension control for unwind/rewind unit to maintain the optimal tension.
  • Pausource EPC device, precision 0.1mm.
  • Accurate product width.
  • Turret rewind/unwind for fast roll changeover, uses dancing rollers for tension controller; Upper and Lower cutting knives on both unwind and rewind units.
  • PLC with color touch screen control system.
  • Nordson needle gluing system with dispenser. The PLC controls the solvent speed proportionally to machine speed.
  • Rewind oscillation control to produce high quality rolls.
  • Static eliminator is used before rewinder.
  • Entire machine equipped with servo motors and servo drivers.
  • Pneumatic knife for Linear perforation.
  • Auto stop when the rolls finishes.
  • Automatic Layflat Adjustment System-Integrated into WWM system to auto adjust LF size while running.
  • Sick Brand splice detector with alarm on control panel.
  • Sick Brand UV solvent detector with alarm on control panel.
  • Automatic Needle Positioning System-Secondary EPC to ensure the needle is positioned on edge of film

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